Things To Know About Window Wells

Most of the homes which are built now have got the basement in them. When you have got the basement, there must be windows for them too. These windows are the necessity for the basement floor as they provide the basement with light and air. These windows are placed below the ground level.

When you make the window for the basement, you must have built a window well too. Without these well the window that you have built for the basement will be looking dirt. This well is usually a U-shaped plastic or metal product. These are easily available in most hardware stores. They are designed in such a way that they get easily fit around the basement windows.

Basics of Well

These semi-circular steel or plastic wall is usually placed in the hole so that it can prevent the dirt from falling back. When it rains, the water usually gets accumulated in these well. To take out the water from the well, there must be proper drainage to it. It is usually seen that most of the wells don’t have the drainage system. As a result, the accumulation of water results in leakage to the basement. People have mistaken it as the faulty window so replaced it with new ones but it is not the right thing as no window is watertight. To learn more click here.